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Read more in Bulletin 172 here. Meteosat-1 was launched on 23 November 1977 and became ESA’s first Bulletin …… PDF observation satellite. Seen here during testing, Meteosat marked the start of true European cooperation in meteorological satellites.

Read more in Bulletin 171 here. The launch of four Galileo satellites on Ariane 5 flight V233 last November brightens the cover of this Bulletin, now available online. You can read Bulletin 170 here. Marking French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s Proxima mission, the first issue of the year is available online. You can read Bulletin 169 here.

ESA Bulletins for 2016 have been combined into one bumper issue, featuring the biggest stories of last year and combining our ‘programmes in progress’ sections to keep you abreast of all our missions. You can read Bulletin 165-168 here. NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory mission, on our cover marking its 20th anniversary in orbit in December 2015. В сборнике, который будет выходить два раза в год, будут развенчиваться самые разные направления лженауки, в том числе и те, которые проникли сегодня в медицину, в образование, в бизнес. Разумеется, в сборнике будут помещаться и статьи об успехах в продвижении науки в мир неведомого.