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This article is about the year 900. Abbasid army in Cilicia, Mesopotamia and Armenia. The Fatimids break away dictionnaire Encyclopedique de La Theologie Catholique, Volume 19… PDF the Abbasid Caliphate and migrate to North Africa.

They claim to be descendants from Fatima bint Muhammad, the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Atenulf I, Lombard prince of Capua, conquers the Duchy of Benevento. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders has Fulk the Venerable, bishop of Reims, assassinated. The Venetians repel the Magyar raiders at Rialto.

After the death of his wife Zoe Zaoutzaina, the Byzantine emperor Leo VI marries Eudokia Baïana. Abdallah, son of the Aghlabid emir Ibrahim II, represses a revolt of his Muslim subjects, and then initiates a campaign against the last Byzantine strongholds in Sicily. Louis IV as their rightful suzerain. King Donald II is killed after an 11-year reign.

Docibilis I of Gaeta and his Saracen mercenaries attack Capua, in vain. After the rejection of their alliance proposal by the Bavarians, the Hungarians attack this country, occupying Pannonia and parts of Ostmark, which become part of the Hungarian state until today. Maravarman Rajasimha II, king of Pandya, begins to rule. Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, is built by the Ancestral Pueblo people. Pope John IX dies after a two year reign. He is succeeded by Benedict IV as the 117th pope of the Catholic Church.

The east coast of Africa is impacted by trade and Arab, Persian and Indian traders mix with the indigenous Bantu. The Persian scientist Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi distinguishes smallpox from measles in the course of his writings. The return of the Caliphate to Baghdad. Jacques Flach Les Origines de l’ancienne France. Heinrich Joseph Wetzer Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la théologie catholique Gaume frères et J. La légende veut que Pierre Gassendi ait commencé à se passionner pour les beautés du ciel en gardant les troupeaux de ses parents pendant la nuit. Enfant, il suit les cours des écoles de Digne, et fait preuve de grandes dispositions pour les langues et les mathématiques.