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This is a discography for Joe Dassin. He is the son of the American film director Jules Dassin. During his career he recorded about 250 maxi prénoms PDF and sold more than 50 million albums throughout the world. For the list of Joe Dassin’s songs, consult this article.

Reissued in 2010  Les essentiels , Sony BMG. Reissued as vinyl replica in 2009, Culture Factory. Reissued in 1979 with a blue disc, CBS. Extracts from the Original Soundtrack of the movie by Jules Dassin.

Reissued in 1968 with alternate sleeve « Vol. Reissued two times in 1972 with alternate sleeves. Reissued in 1979 on 33RPM maxi single. Promo for the first Complete recordings boxset of Joe Dassin issued in October 1989. Reissued in 1989 on CD Maxi 3 » with « C’est bon l’amour » as bonus. Special Promo LP for Radio Stations.

Reissued in 1979, Music For Pleasure. Une heure avec Joe Dassin – vol. 15-CD boxset, 162 remastered titles from the original analogue masters. Features the newly remixed versions from the 2005 complete boxset.

Most of the songs have been remixed and remastered from the original multitrack recordings. New presentation of the 10-CD Box Set released in 2005. Reissued in 1980 on 33RPM maxi single. 6 songs in Spanish, 6 songs in French.

Laser light, Europe 1 et Delta music. Premiere night recorded on 1974-02-19 at the Olympia, different concert than the album « À l’Olympia » issued in 1974. Promo CD sold in a French magazine. Les insolences d’un téléphone – Vol.

Virtual collaborations with the voice of Joe Dassin and the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra directed by Zoltán Kovács. Virtual duets with the Alexandrov Ensemble. Pour gagner un peu de temps, le conjoint français peut faire au conjoint marocain une procuration pour retirer le casier judiciaire marocain au ministère de la justice à rabat. Le casier judiciaire marocain fait partie des documents demandés au conjoint Français pour le mariage adoulaire. Je viens d’écrire un nouvel article expliquant le mode d’emploi pour obtenir un casier judiciaire Marocain en ligne.